33. Decide on a language to use.
English is considered the international language. But there are still plenty of people who cannot understand English. If your target is a small locality, maybe you can use their language instead.
34. Consider duplicate pages that are translated to other languages.
If you are targeting a market niche that is composed of people from different countries and ethnicities, perhaps you can make several accounts that use a specific language.

35. Use appropriate tone and language that suits your targeted market niche.

For children’s toys, you should sound fun. For fashion items, you should sound trendy. For serious stuff, you should sound corporate.
36. Be precise and brief in your message.
People hate to read lengthy messages. Some of them are also busy. So keep you posts and comments brief and concise.
37. Always double check spelling and grammar before posting.
Grammatical errors and typos can tarnish your company image. People will think that your posts are done in a hurry with no regard for quality.
Tips on using YouTube effectively
38. Decide on the appropriate comment sharing settings of your Youtube account.
You can decide if you want to block other users from posting comments on your videos and on your profile page. Do this to prevent possibly derogative comments.
39. Decide on whether to use the ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ button or not.
Dislikes have an effect on potential customers. If you think you video will get a lot of dislikes, you can turn this option off.
40. Learn how to use related tags.
If you want people to easily find your uploaded video on Youtube, you should use tags which people are likely to use when typing keywords in the search bar. For computer products for examples, tags like iPad, laptop, internet, Intel, and such should be used.
41. Check comments regularly.
If you decided to allow comments, you should check them regularly so you can deal with derogative and damaging comments as soon as possible.
42. Use the ‘delete comment’ option sparingly.
In Youtube, a comment is not completely removed. The username of the person who posted it will still be there and with a note “Deleted comment”. People will wonder why you deleted a comment. So use it sparingly.

43. Using courteous and well-informed replies instead of deleting.

Instead of deleting, you can reply to derogative messages instead. But do not be rude. Simply defend in a very convincing and informed manner. Make sure that readers will side with you because of the way you answered.

44. Customize your page and use your logo for better credibility.
Using the company logo adds credibility. And customizing your page makes it look more authentic.
45. Upload only high quality videos.
Videos do not have to be in HD to be high quality and clear. It just needs to be properly done and edited. All videos should be high quality because it will affect the image of your company.
46. Screen videos for possibly offensive elements.
People on Youtube can be pretty harsh. Make sure that all videos you upload are free of potentially offensive contents.
47. Take time to learn the policies of Youtube.
It is damaging to the reputation of your company if your account gets suspended. People will wonder why it happened. So take time to read Youtube’s policies.

48. Update users about increase in subscribers.

Others usually update about their first 1000, 5000, 10,000 and 100,000 subscribers. Make these updates so your subscribers can see that your page is moving forward.