49. Advertise your social media account.
The purpose of your social media account is to advertise. However, a social media account is an advertisement tool that also needs to be advertised. Tell people to visit your social media account.
50. Always include your social media URL to your other forms of advertisement.
If you advertise on magazines, television, and radio, you need to make sure that your social media account is mentioned. A small note saying “Visit us on Facebook” should be sufficient.
51. Learn to use SEO techniques.

When making posts and uploading articles to your blog site, make sure that they are made with SEO. This will make your social media account easier to find via search engines.

52. Contribute SEO articles to websites like www.ezinearticles.com.
By contributing SEO articles to these sites, you are making your social media page easier to find on the internet.
53. Use a URL name that corresponds to the main keyword which best describes your service/product offering or your company.
You can change how your URL appears. For example, if your company name is Solemn Foods, you can change your Facebook URL to www.facebook.com/solemnfoods
54. Get affiliated with other groups which are related to your market niche.
By becoming affiliates of other groups that are related to your field, you are exposing your page to more potential viewers. For example, if you are selling cosmetics, you should probably become affiliated with pages about makeup tutorial, makeup tips, latest makeup trends, and such.
55. Use follow buttons

These are buttons which you can post elsewhere on the internet. This way, users can like content you posted in your Facebook account actually logging in to Facebook or opening another window.

56. Use share/link buttons.
Have affiliate sites to post a link that will direct users to your blog site. This is one reason why it is important to have many affiliates on the internet. It will help you have more subscribers.
57. Make use of the old school method called email marketing.
Yes, it is old. But it is still effective. Send potential leads an email that contains a link and/or follow button that will connect them to your blog page.
58. Propose a guest post on established and influential blogs – the big names ideally.
Ask other influential groups to allow you to make a post on their page. And on that post, make sure to include a link that will direct users to your blog page.
59. Your subscription buttons should be done via RSS.
This allows users to see the latest updates on your blog page