60. Make sure the account holder you hire knows your ideals and standards.
You may choose to hire a person to manage and maintain your blog page. But they should know your standards. They should understand how you want to run things.
61. Have someone check the site throughout the day and night.
You do not know when a user might have posted something derogatory on your page. Therefore, it is important that you have someone check your blog page from time to time to filter out such comments.
62. Set limits on how much they can change.
People you hire to manage your blog page should have limitations. There are things that they should not touch or change. Be clear in this.
63. Authorize different actions to different people if necessary.
For better results, you can hire someone who manages events, promos, news, and such. You should also have a person for articles, videos, graphics, and page design.
64. You can hire people to do the graphics

Photoshop is not easy. If you need professional results, hire someone to do it for you.

65. You can hire people to do the videos.
There are several videomaker software available out there. If you are not confident, do not attempt to make your own. It will only lead to low quality output.
66. You can hire people to do the short articles.
This is now easy to find. You can now hire ghost writers to write articles and even eBooks for you.