67. Check for possibly derogatory messages all the time.
Check your page all the time, or at least have someone do it for you. You need to deal with negative comments as soon as possible before they affect the opinion of other subscribers.

68. Avoid the domino effect of negative comments.

When one person makes a negative comment, it is possible that others will sympathize. Then it can become a string of negative comments form more users. End it before this happens. Delete the root cause.

69. Do not leave a serious question hanging unanswered for too long.
Some questions, if unanswered, can lead users to doubt your company’s credibility (e.g. the product I bought is lasted only a month, can I have it replaced?). Questions like this one should be answered immediately.
70. Maintain a professional tone when replying to possibly derogative comments.
Sometimes, you need to answer derogatory questions to set things straight, so other users will know the truth. But when doing so, you should avoid being rudely defensive. You should always maintain a professional tone. Other users will see this and appreciate it.
71. Know which messages should be left unanswered. You do not need to respond to every question.