72. Open a group account, not a personal account.

There are two types of account you can open on Facebook. For social media marketing, you should open a group account instead of a personal account. Its features are designed for marketing.
73. Get your first 25 likes.
A group account will only have access to all its features once it already gathers 25 likes from other users.
74. Consider getting a paid advertisement service from Facebook.
Facebook offers a tool that will make your page appear on the advertisement section of other Facebook users. You can also set this option to appear only on a select market niche (age filters, address filter, gender filter, etc.). But this is a paid feature.
75. Post things that your subscribers will feel like sharing.
If one of your subscribers shares a post from your page, it will be available in their profile page. This way, it will be exposed to everyone in the friendlist of that person. This will extend the reach of your social media account.
76. Like pages or groups which are in some way connected to your market niche.

By liking pages from other groups, you are exposing yourself to the subscribers of those pages.

77. Like pages or groups which are frequented by your target customers.

Go to pages which your target customers might frequent. For example, if your target customers are women, you might find them fashion pages. Like those pages and perhaps post a comment to those pages to help them find you.
78. Get help from people you know who also have Facebook accounts.
The start is the difficult part. Ask people you know to like your page. You can also ask them to share the contents of your page. Their friends can also help out.
79. Include a photo album which shows the faces of your company staffs.
Studies show that people trust online organizations more if they can see faces. If there is no face, it is as if the organization is hiding something.
80. Keep the photo albums organized according to event and date.
People like to browse photos. But it is annoying if different photos are just mixed together. Make sure that you organize them in albums.
81. Advertise your Facebook account on your other social media account.

If you have a Twitter account for example, post a Tweet inviting your followers to check out your Facebook page as well.

82. Use only one account.
This is to prevent confusion. If your services and or products are not widely varied, consider getting only one Facebook account.
83. Use several accounts only if your company has varied sectors.
For example, if your company sells different stuff (e.g. clothes, food, toys), you should probably have a separate account or separate page for each genre.
84. Use your Facebook account to connect with people you meet on business trips and meetings.
If you met possible affiliates on meetings and business trips, you can use your company’s Facebook account to stay connected with them.
85. Your Facebook posts should be in harmony with your Twitter posts, if you have both.
Contradicting posts on your Twitter and Facebook account will be seen as an inconsistency. Subscribers might question how your company runs things.

86. Update users about increase in subscribers.

Tell people that your number of subscribers is growing! This will give the impression that your company is moving forward.