87. Edit the URL name and use a main keyword which best describes your company.
From the default URL assigned to your profile by Twitter, edit it into something like www.twitter.com/YouCompanyNameHere.
88. Regularly post news and events.
If you leave your Twitter account unattended, people will stop following you. And even if they do not unfollow you, they might stop checking your posts.
89. Follow groups, organizations, companies, and/or people which you believe are connected to your company in some way.
Follow twitter accounts that are related to the nature of your business. This will increase your exposure to more Twitter users.
90. Avoid posting Tweets on other’s profile.
This is to maintain a professional attitude. Remember, this is a company account not a personal account.
91. Avoid using your company Twitter account for personal business.
If you like a certain celebrity or you like to make comments about some current events that are completely unrelated to your business, you should follow them using your own personal account. Business and personal life should not be mixed together.
92. Avoid conveying personal feelings and thoughts via your company Twitter account.
Tweets about your bath time, the breakfast you had, the new clothes you bought, and your quarrel with your friends do not belong in your company Twitter.
93. Advertise your Twitter account on your other Social media account.
If you have a Facebook account, tell your Facebook subscribers that you also have a Twitter account. This way, both your accounts will show more subscribers.
94. Hashtags are not very effective.

If you like doing this trick, well save it. A recent study shows that posts that used hashtags are actually 5% less efficient at attracting users.

95. Do not follow more people than the number of people following you.
If you are following more people than the number of people of following you, it will make you look desperate. This is not good for your company image. You must exercise some degree of self-importance.
96. Use geo-location to find local target niche.
This feature is very useful for internet marketing. It will help you locate your target customers better.
97. Focus more on your advocates than your influencers.
You influencers are only likely to mention you once or twice. After which, you are not really connected with them. But advocates are different. They are potentially long term partners with long term benefits. Invest time on them.
98. Your Tweets should be in harmony with your Facebook posts, if you have both.
Make sure that company news, events, and promos you Tweet are the same with those you post on your Facebook account.

99. Update users about increase in followers.